Introducing the Trip by Skyscanner Content API

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We make planning great experiences less work and more fun for millions of users. We’ve spent years creating one of the largest and richest content bases in the business, with a mix of high quality user reviews, photos and editorial content that continues to grow. Now you can use this content to drive engagement and increase booking confidence for your users. 

Content API from Trip by Skyscanner

API Features

  • Retention-boosting content that will both ensure that your users keep coming back and maximize your revenue potential
  • Rich information on travel destinations from one of the largest sources of travel content today
  • Smart and personalised recommendations adapted to each user and their stage in the travel funnel
  • Ways to engage the traveller throughout their lifecycle - from inspiration to in-trip recommendations

The power of personalisation

Your adventure, your way. Data from 19 ‘Tribes’, or traveller types, allows you to surface personalised content for your users. We never recommend a park when it’s raining or a breakfast spot at dinner time. Personalised content delivers:

  • Points of interest tailored to your audience
  • The most relevant reviews and recommendations for each user
  • A stickier, more engaging product that will retain your users

What version of the API is right for me?

Standard Version
  • Unlimited cities/destinations
  • 6x points of interest (POI) per city (3 attractions and 3 restaurants)
  • 1x Review per POI
  • 1x Image per POI (thumbnail)
  • Editorial descriptions (for all cities and POIs when available)
  • Address, contact, and business information (when available)
  • Mobile and Web
  • Location-based
  • Who can access this?
    Companies operating through a website and/or app, providing services such as: travel inspiration, trip planning, travel bookings, transportation, accommodations, destination marketing and other technological or location-based services.
    Premium Version
  • Everything included in Standard Version
  • 40x points of interest (POI) per city (20 attractions and 20 restaurants)
  • 3x Reviews per POI
  • Full image gallery per POI
  • 20x city image gallery
  • Contextual content (based on weather, time of day, etc)
  • Mobile, Web and Email
  • Technical support and account management

  • Who can access this?
    Recognised travel brands such as hotel chains, airlines, online travel agencies, and other global technological or location-based services.

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