Not all travel search engines are created equal...

... and Skyscanner certainly stands out from the crowd. We have built our business on an obsession with product quality and a passion for driving customer retention, meaning that 60% of our traffic comes direct to us. We are also the No.1 global travel metasearch site, making us the perfect partner to drive your customer acquisition strategy globally.

Skyscanner remains impartial in the travel industry

We're impartial and trusted

Skyscanner's success gives us the freedom to remain impartial within the travel industry. This enables us to move quickly, make our own decisions, and prioritise your interests - including maximising your exposure and revenue - above our own. We are passionate about creating brilliant products, and we are certain that this approach guarantees a promising future - for us, our users and our partners. 

Skyscanner aims to be at the front of trends in travel technology

We have advanced technology at our heart

We are committed to being at the fore-front of new trends in travel search and technology. From being the first travel metasearch that built bots into Facebook and Skype, to becoming the first flight search engine that adopted IATA's NDC standard. Staying ahead of the curve means we can connect your brand to new audiences and expose travel services in contemporary environments, such as our direct booking platform.

Travel Insight offers the opportunity to access unique travel search data

We give you the insight to power your success 

Our unique analytics tools give a deep view of your competitiveness in the marketplace. Boosting customer support performance and ultimately helping you enhance your customer offering. Our Travel Insight product takes this to the next level, providing a unique forward looking data set that opens up new routes and identifies future investment opportunities.